Founded in 1900, Zeelandia is a Dutch company with a strong international presence. We develop, produce, sell and distribute quality ingredients for the bread and confectionery markets worldwide. Our portfolio covers thousands of products and services; from standard to tailor made.
We are proud of our many products and services, but our main focus has always been personal involvement with our customers. This is reflected in our global network of local Zeelandia companies, which develop products that are tailored to local tastes and needs in almost 100 countries.
With our thorough knowledge of local markets and a global R&D network with a focus on innovation, we can support customers around the world in exploring new ground and creating new products. Products that gain almost instant success both with bakers and consumers.
Zeelandia products include bread improvers and mixes, confectionery mixes, custards, release agents, bavaroises and mousses, fillings, toppings, glazes, coatings and icings. We also provide almond pastes and marzipans, stabilisers, baking powders and decorations, as well as compounds, flavours, and spices.


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